Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Superhero Concept: Dagger and Chain

Me as Dagger

A parody of ADSF by Tom Ska. Not really that creative XD.

Chain my sidekick.

As usual, I keep having no ideas I want to really run off of. Especially Superheros, since there are endless possibilities of what I wanted to do.  I ended up with having super heros who  have weapons coming out of their body parts, because it just keept running through my head. This concept comes all the way back to House of heroes concert, where I got marked with a cross on Top. It looked like a dagger, so I really imagined a super hero with those things. I was planning to use dagger actually as a punk wannabie with a long spike mowhawk hair, but since it has to me a bit of me, I did me as a design instead.

For Chain, I just imagine him as a crazy kid kind of like melo from Korra Avatar.  I feel it just complements my character.Don't trust a crazy kid with a chain.

And don't worry, the chains and daggers can be retractable. The thing where it comes from is a deep portal from somewhere. Who knows where. 

Im planning to actually put dagger and chain together in one photoshop file. Kind of like this naruto picture, only  it needs some speed lines in the background. And using the primary colors.
Update. A slight rought I what Im thinking of doing here:

Monday, October 15, 2012

NorCal Renaissance Faire 2012

The next day, I didn't want to go to APE, and I already got my tickets for
Northern Cal Renaissance Faire
Its the last day to go to this, and what better way to go, then to dress as Fi, with my Freind who was Link from Legend of Zelda. My friend from church was also there, whose name is George Davis. He used to work at the Archery Booth.

After all that, I find that I was having alot more fun at the Fair, then APE, just because my cold really dryed out, but still wasn't completely gone. Im still coughing here D. But there just soo many activities and fun things to do, and alot of thing that were really active, that no other fair seem to have. The actors are not kept on Stage, but everywhere. You had to stay Renaissance for the whole day. Also, its more legal for adults to act like children here. Its like an anime convention for adults, and the whole familly.

I also got some videos from this and APE on my Youtube page, when I get to finish editing the stuff I need.
That is my friend Trisha who is also known as Ratgirl. She owns Ratgirl productions, where she does comics, cartooning, etc. Also she is in BAAU, and shes also the main founder for an Idea convention F.A.M.E.  Im in the middle, and that is my friend on the right.

I think my friend took this one...
Link is playing his cross bow game. Funny. He did better then me I think.
A Pirate was wearing this. They just had to as a gamer. Alot of them are right,, Geek and Renaissance really go well together.

This guy is just too funny. He made a nipple erection joke for some reason.  He is also a very good juggler.
He is refilling his hearts for lunch. It got a bit warmer with our suits on. A heart needs his heart.
Where all the feathers came from...
The baby and the wizard

Pretty much a Blubbery Pirate Tarred with Feathers.

Dreams do come true. Ive been wanting to try some archery and here I go. I think  I got two bulleyes, 2 blues, and two reds. Its pretty fun, but its really hard to pull the bow. Luckly it doesn't hurt toomuch to pull because of my glove like suits. Fi is getting Dangerous.

APE 2012

Just some photo Highlights of APE (Alternative Press Expo)\ from my point of view:
My Drawings At the Grove, which mistakenly I though Sketchbomb was this morning. It was due to mistakes on the website. One said am, and one said PM. Though, I did some sketches anyway. This is not the finish stuff.
I was still sick, but not terrible. Walking Around APE really helped. This was during Sketchcrawl at APE. So, double extra credit plz? Im also Noodle from the Gorillaz, and the Reason was I wanted to dress a bit light to at least sketch more then just pen and pencil.

Duck Push Pins are awsome and a genious idea. Then again, alot of people might want to steal those.
She (I forgot her name again) was demoing her water color techniques, and her art is very unique and colorful. She  pretty much defeats every artist  I know not to have a clean pallet. She barely changes her water, and she works on a tiny tray. She seems to paints with in the simular way I do with acrylics. At least her art is unique and she knows what she is doing.
Her finish product. It still looks pretty amazing, what she did, with simple and fast techniques. I believe she uses a pen that is at least water proff  or else it could bleed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Comic about Skittles

Original Quality scanned
After 3 rescans into phtoshop.

Phew, Got alot to update by this week from my sketchbook. But anyways, Here is my comic that I whipped up really quickly for our assignment. I don't know If I would love to enter this one, but at least it looks more finished. I basically had to lighten the picture with photoshop and then recolor and retrace everything. I pretty much could not get an exact idea of what I wanted to do. It wasn't easy, because most of my old characters are ment for longer series. I completely made up the characters on the spot, except all the bottom ones.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Text Avery Style Drawings


Wow messy drawings. Alot of them became a bit anime based on accident, but still I tried to do Tex Avery. One piece especially was a good source of inspiration. Never I seen such exaggeration in anime close to American Cartoons then the clever Oda himself.

Charlie Brown Self Portrait

Im adorable

Friday, September 14, 2012

Im tell you guys.

Brush styluses for phones and smartphones are the wave of the future. I saw one on my baau forums and this isn't the exact model, but its still a brush.